June 23-June 29, 2003
Netzwerk Terror
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2003.06.22.00:29:28.8 - I look forward to a day when you can head down to the store and just pick up a titanium spinal replacement. Until then, I think I'll need to research a good walker or something.

Yeah, it's June, and I had quite some time since the last update. If you're a gamer, but you have a special someone in your life who doesn't game, then I highly recommend you either put expectations in writing or don't get married. Divorce sucks, and women who need to pull out a knife to get a point across, well, they don't suck, they're just sick and should be locked up.

Anyway, July and August are shaping up:
June 28 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
June 28 - LANSprings @ Palm Springs
July 5 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
July 11 - OctaneLAN @ somewhere in NoCal
July 11 - InSanity v3.0 @ Glendale, Arizona
July 12 - Netzwerk Terror vs HatLAN/LPH @ Ownij warehouse
July 19 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
July 26 - LANPartyHeads @ Dread's in La Habra
July 26 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
August 2 - LANPartyHeads @ Vlad's in Phoenix, Arizona
August 14-17 - QuakeCon @ Dallas, Texas

2003.05.03.23:08:30.07 - It's been a long month. All of my doctors ask me how I'm doing, and I typically reply, "Pain is a normal thing for me, so I'm feeling normal." Even with a good prescription, I'm looking forward to a pain-free future.
Quick list for May before I forget:
May 10 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
May 14 - E3 Expo @ LA Convention Center
May 15 - E3 Expo @ LA Convention Center
             Matrix: Reloaded
May 16 - E3 Expo @ LA Convention Center
May 17 - HatLAN @ Chester's in Buena Park
             Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
May 24 - LAN Party Heads @ Dread's in La Habra
             Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress
May 31 - Netzwerk Terror @ Go2LAN in Cypress

2003.04.09.10:14:22.05 - Updated calendar for the Netzwerk Terror site.

2003.04.04.23:15:48.09 - Sheesh!  You'd think that someone really is out to get me!  Lemme recap, since I haven't done much updating for some time. Start of December gets me rear-ended by a full size Dodge on the 605 freeway; End of December and I get a knife pulled on me; so I file for divorce.  January is a hard month with little to no activity in getting contract work since many businesses are still in holiday mode, but I'm taking Cisco classes to fill in the gaps on stuff I don't already know so I can do the tests.  February is busy for a bit, but getting money from the companies that I've done work for seems to be like pulling teeth! March is a pain as a hearing just to see my daughter goes sideways and to top it all off, the very last day of March and someone else decides to rear-end me! And I'm still hurting from the last accident!

Enough about my universe of hurt! LAN parties that I used to visit are dying out or have vaporized; but some new ones are out there, and Buena Park/La Habra seem to be starting to get regular. Here's a quick list:
April 05 - HatLAN @ Chester's in Buena Park, I think it's still noon to 1a
April 12 - Netzwerk Terror @ Redondo Beach should be back up
April 19 - LAN Party Heads/Dread @ La Habra from 3p to 1a or until you poop out...looking at how long the rest of you lasted, it seems that 1a is your beddy-bye time (heh, you guys didn't last that long, and that's not all she said...
April 19 - Netzwerk Terror @ Redondo Beach...it's a weekly thing.  And it's Easter Weekend...maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you something special?  Yeah, right...
April 26 - Netzwerk Terror again, but heck, do you actually have something more important than fragging some friends?

Soooo, tell some friends, bring your gaming rigs and stop off at Pic-N-Save for those skillz you keep saying you have. Oh, and don't forget to have your permission slip signed and a bag full of dipends...I hear you'll need 'emj/k about the dipends part.

2003.03.07.10:51:50.02 - Still alive, but lots of personal issues between relationships and work that's really taking up alot of my time. I haven't forgotten that the page exists, and I still have the web site/domain for years to come. So I sit here updating this web page through a text/web based interface. Gawds this sux for editing though.  HatLAN is today in Buena Park and Dread is putting his LAN up once a month in La Habra.

Word of caution: If you have Unreal Tournament 2003, backup your .ini files. I downloaded it from FileFront, and there wasn't a read me to warn me ahead of time. Nearly as bad as Microsoft in giving warnings about the settings you had getting overwritten by their latest default versions. You've been warned!

Stay tuned - reviews for the Logitech MX300, MX700, Compad SpeedPad, two mini-keyboards, 2 UPS units, PS/2 to USB adapters, a USB LED light, a more comprehensive writeup on a mod to clean up your wiring inside your computer based on a case mod contest from this last summer, and finally putting up the new re-done site! Whew!

NetTurbulence has long since been a fading memory, or rather since New Year's Eve, and the other three partners had essentially voted me out of the group--looking back on what they didn't do, and how much it took to push them forward, it's actually a positive lesson on how NOT to do a business.
If anyone knows of any job leads, drop me a line at:

gametraveler [at] hotmail [dot] com
I hate web spiders, they'll grab every mail link off of a page and spam it.