Grand Re-Opening!

I've been working on getting this page back online, as Real Life has been more than overwhelming daily.

Sometimes I may post a quick blog, or maybe an short article, but in some way or fashion, everything on here will be in the general direction of gamers of all types--PCs, consoles, etc.


I originally started this web page years ago, because I had gotten in to LAN gaming. I searched far and wide on the web, and found multiple sources for every LAN party I wanted to go to., Blue's News LAN list, (defunct), and lots of independent web pages posted by LAN hosts all over the West Coast--from San Diego to San Francisco, out to Palm Springs, and later Arizona and Texas.

As I started to frequent all of those LAN parties, the amount of gamers I kept in contact with wanted to know what the next LAN I'd plan on going to. So I took all of those searches, and posted them to a single site. And to all those sources, a belated thanks. I attributed to the source when I could or just posted the link for others to go to the source page to sign up.

I had also wrote numerous LAN FAQs, reviews, and articles over the years. As I go along, I'll post any of the ones I find in my archives back up and update for relevance. Bear with the non-functioning links for now, as I fill out the functions and sections in the near future.